Amy Farell, Designer/Owner

My journey into design began 17 years ago.  After earning a master's degree in Mathematics and working in the software industry, it quickly became evident I needed a creative outlet.  Moving to Los Angeles inspired me to pursue design training and work in the cabinet industry.  Years of cabinetry experience in both California and Texas has developed a deep understanding of functional design as well as materials and aesthetics.  While cabinetry and working with wood is a strength of mine, I definitely love the cohesiveness and creativity found in whole home remodeling.  I've been inspired by small-town Texas farmhouses as well as the seaside and modern homes in California.  There is truly beauty to be found in all styles!


DDesign can take many forms.  It can be the architecture, materials, colors, textures, CAD designs, hand designs...  Regardless of its form, design is beauty.  Design is creation.  In each of my designs, the goal is to not only create a practical functional space, but one that is enjoyed by all.  One that brings welcome, serenity, and peace...  like the water's edge.


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