Water's Edge


  • Amy Farell

1930s Texas Farmhouse!

This was one of my favorite remodels! We started with the kitchen and worked our way through the rest of the house. Maybe it's my Texas roots, but when you step into this kitchen, you're taken back to a time when you'd find grandma baking goodies or maybe a batch of biscuits!

One of my favorite parts of remodeling old homes is discovering layers of history. From the 80's linoleum to layers upon layers of various wallpaper (yes, 80s plaid made an appearance here). My fave was the original scraps of wallpaper left attached to the nails! You never know what you'll find in old homes - good and bad!

My goal in the kitchen was to use period appropriate finishes and products. When we started the remodel, the cabinets stopped a little over a foot from the ceiling. Instead of replacing all the solid wood original cabinets, we replaced doors, drawers, hardware, and added cabinets on top that went to the ceiling. I felt the upper cabinets and glass doors were essential to create the charm we were looking for.

The marble was special ordered out of Vermont from a quarry that produced marble for our national monuments! The marble from Vermont is harder than some of the imported marbles, so we chose to use it. Marble can stain and scratch pretty easily, so only use it in a kitchen if you can roll with the imperfections along the way. We used a honed marble to help hide scratches. The kitchen is the center of the home, so you want to feel free to cook in it and use it!

The penny round backsplash complements the marble - classy and timeless!

More later on other areas! BTW, don't you just love the old school lighting? Shout out to Color Cord - you can order a myriad of cords to easily customize the look of your lighting! The pendants came with black cords. They were easily switched out to white.

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