Water's Edge


  • Amy Farell


While monochromatic color schemes are beautiful, it's that pop of color that brings a smile to my face! This classic mid century room is beautiful with it's tall ceiling, paneling, and large window. The color of the curtains are true to the style/era. However, I like a little more pizazz! Check out the these alternatives and the impact just a quick change in the color of the curtains can make! Which is your style? (Disclaimer: My photoshop skills need serious help!)

Original photo courtesy of DHD Architecture:

Ultimate Drama - black curtains!

Or, tone it down a little with chocolate:

Do you prefer the light and airy look? White curtains would be beautiful!

But for those that are a little more daring, check out these colors:

Vibrant red

Smart Blue

Or, my personal favorite,

Emerald Green

I'd love to hear your opinions!

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