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Farmhouse Meets Pre-War Style - Hall Bath

Instead of a long read, I'm breaking this project up into two posts. I love the classic hall bath on this job and the willingness of the client to splurge on a tiled wall! This may be my favorite bathroom wall ever!

Ok. Is the white arabesque tile not the best ever? I love how it dresses up this small bathroom without being too busy. We paired it with oversized subway tile in the shower to complement. It balances so well with the rustic feel of the vanity, the timeless look of the cross handle faucet, and the rosemary colored barn lights. Truly an updated, prewar-meets-farmhouse look!

And, lets not forget the classic tile on the floors. Nothing says 1940s like glossy black and white hex tile. Because this bathroom is small, we had to be careful with pattern. We opted for a black border and white center, tied together with a dark grey grout - something that is sure to wear well!

While the rest of this post isn't in the hall bath, I wanted to show the floors we installed throughout the rest of the home. Sometimes it's hard to get a feel for flooring with small samples, so hopefully this will help someone!

These are SPC floors by Shaw. I love using SPC flooring when you have a high traffic home with kids or pets, especially when you don't want to splurge on solid hardwoods. These floors are a really fast installation. There is no need to stain them etc. They are 100% waterproof, so they work well in kitchens and even bathrooms. They can even be laid over existing tile, hardwood, etc. However, note that they are planks and there is a possibility in wet areas that liquids will seep through, so you don't want to leave water standing and you want to make sure you treat the underlayment appropriately. I personally prefer laying tarpaper under the flooring for a bathroom, but there may be better solutions. These floors are also easy to clean and feel/sound like wood.

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