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Timeless Trimwork

No doubt, one of the most overlooked elements in a remodel is trimwork. Most homeowners think: "There's nothing wrong with my casings and moldings. Why spend the extra money?" What they don't realize is the huge overall impact the change can make on the feel of the house. For example, this house had run of the mill, standard-issue, window trim. After convincing them to replace it with handmade trim that was true to the period of the home, there were no regrets! It costs more because there is more labor, but it's worth it! Don't let the trim be an afterthought. Factor it into your budget at the beginning of the job.

Breakfast Nook

Additionally, we added beadboard to the breakfast nook and under the bar area. (Not the standard thin sheets, but the old fashioned thick stuff!). I think the quality shows.


All the stairs in this house needed was a little freshening up with Paint and wood



Not all things need changing... The customer chose to keep the mantle, painting it and the inside of the fireplace. We just re-tiled the brick and hearth with marble tiles.

*Please excuse the poor quality pictures. At the time these were taken, I had no idea I'd be posting them to a blog! Unfortunately, I also lost half of the pictures from this project...

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